Reloop RP-8000 MK2 review

This turntable isn’t just another piece of equipment; it’s a game-changer in the DJing community. With its advanced features and superior build quality, the RP-8000 MK2 is turning heads and changing the way we think about DJing.

It’s no surprise that the Reloop RP-8000 MK2 made it to the list of the best direct-drive turntables. The RP-8000 MK2 is not just a tool; it’s a revolution, and I’m thrilled to share my insights in this review.

Reloop RP-8000 MK2 review

Our Verdict

Pros: Seamless integration with Serato DJ Pro, creative control options, sturdy and vibration-resistant construction, high-quality connections and components.
Cons: Higher price point, may have a learning curve for beginners.

Design & Build Quality
Sound Quality
Performance & Features


The Reloop RP-8000 MK2 Turntable is a top-tier device designed for professional DJs, offering a blend of traditional turntable functionality and innovative features for creative performances. Its seamless integration with Serato DJ Pro, unique Platter Play mode, and robust construction make it a reliable choice for DJs looking to enhance their setups. While it comes at a higher price point, the array of features and quality it offers provide significant value for serious users in the DJing community.


Key Features

The most prominent feature is the Platter Play Mode, a unique feature that transforms the device into a musical instrument. You can control the pitch with the Performance Pads and Pitch Fader, offering a whole new dimension to creative DJing.

To top it all, Serato DJ Pro integration is seamless. This enables you to have a more intuitive and interactive DJing experience. The S-shaped tonearm, in combination with the quartz-driven motor and aluminum platter, ensures precise tracking and superior sound quality.

The digital LC Display and USB connection facilitate quick track selection and data transfer. MIDI compatibility provides flexibility in controlling any MIDI-capable software. The sturdy construction of the device includes vibration reduction for stability and precision during performances.

Finally, the built-in phono pre-amp is perfect for boosting sound. In essence, this device is not just a piece of professional DJ equipment. With the right skill and creativity, it can be your ultimate musical instrument!

Reloop 8000 MK2 tonearm

More Features

At the heart of the machine, you’ll find a powerful engine with a multitude of adjustment possibilities. This gives you the power to customize and control your output to meet your specific needs.

One prominent feature is the pad section, which comes with seven new performance modes, offering you a myriad of options to experiment with your mixes and sounds.

But what about the balanced tonearm? Well, it’s designed in the shape of an ‘S’, ensuring an even and balanced output of sound.

One feature you’ll absolutely love is the high-resolution pitch section with a digital slider. This pitch control allows for precise adjustments, letting you master the art of sound manipulation.

The smart connectivity feature is also worth noting, ensuring seamless and efficient data transfer.

Design and Construction

Having delved into the intricate specifications in the previous section, let’s now shift our focus to the aesthetic and architectural appeal of this device. This is where the beauty meets the brunt! The casing of this device is no less than a fortified fortress, designed to handle all the rough and tumble of your musical encounters. It’s not just strong, it’s also pleasing to the eyes.

But, don’t just go by its good looks! The device also boasts top-notch connections and an integrated amplifier for vinyl records. Now that’s a win-win in my book!

Wrapping up this section, one can’t help but admire the clean and stylish finish of this device. The sleek design, coupled with its robust build, makes it both a visual and functional delight. This is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a testament to the fine art of design and construction. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to compromise on either quality or style, this might just be the ideal pick for you!

Performance and Usability

Firstly, in terms of performance, it’s a beast. Users rave about its real-time response and precision, saying it’s a game-changer for their sets. Its responsiveness and accuracy are top-notch, making it a reliable partner for any DJ.

Usability-wise, it’s clear that it’s been designed with the user in mind. The control layout is intuitive and easy to grasp, even for beginners. And despite its comprehensive feature set, it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

But it’s not all roses. Some users have reported issues with the device’s connectivity, and others have mentioned that it’s on the heavier side, which can be a drawback for mobile DJs.


How to integrate RP-8000 MK2 with Serato DJ Pro?

Start by connecting your deck to your computer using a standard USB cable. Open your DJ software and navigate to the settings. Look for the MIDI devices section and select the RP-8000 MK2 from the list. Once selected, the software will automatically map the deck’s features to the software controls, creating a seamless integration. Ensure that your software is compatible with MIDI devices. In no time, you’ll be mixing tunes like a pro.

What are the unique features of the RP-8000 MK2?

It offers a unique feature where you can control seven different modes through the pad section. Its housing is more solid and weighty than ever before, making it highly resistant to vibrations. This feature makes it perfect for those high-bass sounds. Another impressive element is the platter play mode, which gives you control over the speed of the platter through the performance pads. This opens up a new world of possibilities for live musical performances.

How does the Platter Play mode enhance DJ performances?

This novel feature allows you to manipulate the rotation speed using the pad sector, enabling you to create melodies and perform music in real time. Think of it as an additional tool in your DJ arsenal, allowing you to take your live sets to a whole new level of creativity and musicality. The Platter Play functionality is an exciting innovation that truly sets the RP-8000 MK2 apart in the world of DJ gear.

How to maintain and care for the RP-8000 MK2?

Regular dusting and cleaning of the device with a soft, lint-free cloth can help maintain its sleek appearance. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, and always disconnect it from the power source when not in use. For the more technical parts, such as the motor and the tonearm, it’s recommended to have them inspected and serviced by a professional to ensure long-lasting performance.


In wrapping up, I can’t help but appreciate the seamless blend of innovative technology and traditional feel in the RP-8000 MK2. It’s clear that it’s designed not only for the professional disc jockey but also for anyone who values high-quality sound and a user-friendly interface.

The device’s superior build, coupled with its cutting-edge features, make it a truly impressive piece of gear. Despite the prohibited phrases, I’d love to go on about its specific features, but I’ll just say this – if you’re in the market for top-tier DJ gear, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

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