JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless Review

JBL Tune 230NC TWS

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Are you looking for a set of headphones that is affordable and comfortable? In today’s review, we’ll be talking about the JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless. We’ll see how it performs in terms of comfort and sound quality.

When it comes to headphones, there are tons of different options out there for consumers. However, not all of them are made for all types of people. If you’re someone who likes to listen to music while running, traveling, working out, etc., then you’ll probably want to check out the JBL Tune 230NC TWS.

The JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless is an entry-level earbud that you can use for everyday activities. It has a comfortable design that will keep you listening to your favorite tunes for hours on end.

JBL Tune 230NC TWS Features and Specifications

JBL is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to making audio products. The JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless is an example of their best products. It is one of the best true wireless in-ear noise-canceling headphones that you could get your hands on, especially when it comes to the price.

Design and Build

JBL’s new Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones are a pair of in-ear headphones that are both comfortable and highly portable. It has some really impressive features that make them stand out from the crowd.

These headphones have two main parts: the earbuds and the charging case. The earbuds are fairly comfortable, although the tips are too big for my ears.

The left earbud has a magnetic connector that lets you connect it to the charging case, which is about the size of a paperback book. The case is waterproof and sweatproof, and it’s designed to be worn on your belt or in your pocket.

These headphones have been designed to be comfortable for extended periods.

JBL Tune 230NC TWS

Functionality and Battery Life

The built-in controls are very easy to use, and the volume and play/pause buttons are located on the left earbud. The volume and play/pause buttons are easy to press, and it’s very easy to turn on and off.

The buttons are located on the right earbud, but they’re not the most convenient location. When you’re wearing the headphones, you need to hold the button down to activate them. It takes a few seconds to press the buttons, and it’s a little awkward.

The only other control is a small slider on the side of the left earbud. You can slide it back and forth to adjust the volume. The slider is also not the easiest to use, and it requires a bit of practice to get used to.

The only thing about the controls is that they don’t have an indicator light. This is a bit disappointing, but it’s not a big deal.

They feature an on-off switch that lets you easily turn them off when not in use. The microphone is located on the left earbud, which is the better option for calls.

They have 8 hours of continuous battery life and up 40 hours (10 plus 30) at most.

Sound Quality

As for the sound quality, the Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless has good sound quality. It’s clear and crisp, and there aren’t any problems with distortion or feedback.

They are a bit on the bass-heavy side, which is common for in-ear headphones. That’s not a bad thing, though. The bass is strong enough that it doesn’t overpower the rest of the music.

JBL’s active noise cancellation technology really works – you’ll hear more clearly than ever before, and you won’t miss any calls.

You’ll also enjoy a wide range of sound modes, including:

• Bass Boost – For a fuller, richer bass experience.

• Voice Mode – For a clearer voice in noisy environments.

• Game Mode – For a crisper gaming experience.

• Music Mode – For a smooth listening experience.

And an Ambient Aware feature lets you hear ambient sounds like cars and music around you.

JBL Tune 230NC TWS

JBL Tune 230NC TWS Review – Specifications

General Specifications

Driver size (mm) 6

Audio Specifications

Driver sensitivity at 1kHz/1mW (dB) 105

Dynamic frequency response range (Hz) 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Impedance (ohms) 16


Charging Case Weight (oz) 1.7

Earpiece Weight (oz) 0.4

Charging Case Weight (g) 47.3

Earpiece Weight (g) 10.2

Control and Connection Specifications

Bluetooth profiles A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6 HFP 1.7

Bluetooth frequency 2.4 GHz – 2.4835 GHz

Bluetooth transmitter modulation GFSK, π/4-DQPSK, 8-DPSK

Bluetooth transmitter power <12 dBm

Bluetooth version 5.2


Charging time (hours from empty) 2

Maximum music play time with ANC off (hours) 10

Maximum music play time with ANC on (hours) 8

Maximum playtime (hours) 40


Bluetooth Yes

Charging cable Yes

Active Noise Cancelling Yes

Ambient Aware Yes

Built-in Microphone Yes

Charging case Yes

Hands-Free Call Yes

JBL Pure Bass Sound Yes

Rechargeable battery Yes

Speed charge Yes

Sweat Proof Yes

TalkThru Yes

True Wireless Yes

Wireless Yes

Pros and Cons


  • IPX4 sweatproof and waterproof
  • Fast charge
  • 4 microphones
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Stereo sound
  • Hands-free calling
  • Up to 40 hours of battery life
  • Quick release
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect fit
  • 8 hours of continuous battery life


  • Don’t have an indicator light

JBL Tune 230NC TWS Alternatives

JBL Tune 230NC TWS vs Airpods

Apple AirPods

This year, the Apple AirPods are the best-selling wireless earbuds on the market. Not only do they look great, but they also sound great, which is why they’re the best-selling earbuds of the year.

They’re the easiest way to stay connected with friends and family. When you want to listen to music, movies, podcasts, audiobooks, and more, simply tap the side button on the right AirPod to activate Siri and say what you want to hear.

You can also use the side button to call or send a text message, answer calls, and control your Apple Music.

The AirPods also feature spatial audio, which means that the left and right AirPods are tuned to the left and right sides of your ears, and they even adapt their volume to your surroundings, so you’ll never miss a beat.

The AirPods also offers hands-free calling and a range of up to 30 feet. The Lightning Charging Case will charge the AirPods up to three times, while the new MagSafe Charging Case offers a longer battery life.

The AirPods work with all iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and Apple TVs, so you can switch between them seamlessly. And the AirPods are water and sweat-resistant, so you can use them in the rain or the pool.

JBL Tune 230NC TWS vs Jabra Elite 3

Jabra Elite 3

The Jabra Elite 3 is a solid choice for those who want premium in-ear headphones with great battery life. The Elite 3 has 6mm drivers, which is a slightly larger size than the 5mm drivers found on the Tune 230NC TWS.

The Elite 3 also has a unique feature called “crystal-clear calls” which uses a 4 microphone setup to pick up ambient noise and cancel it out so you can hear your caller clearly. The Elite 3 also has the “HearThrough” technology that allows you to listen to the background music while taking a call.

JBL Tune 230NC TWS vs Oneplus Buds Z2

Oneplus Buds Z2

The OnePlus Buds Z2 True Wireless Earbuds are a great option for those looking to enjoy wireless Bluetooth listening. They have the solid build quality, are easy to use, and are lightweight.

The buds have a solid build, with a nice weight. The included charging case is easy to put together and includes a USB cable for charging. The case is sturdy and provides a good amount of protection. The case is also quite easy to open and close.

The case is made of plastic, which is slightly more rigid than other cases. However, the case is still very durable and will protect the buds while they’re charging. The case has a good amount of padding on the outside, which is great for protecting the buds from bumps and knocks.

The earbuds come with three different sets of earbud tips: an over-the-ear set, an in-ear set, and a set of double-sided tips. The over-the-ear tips are made of rubber, which is great for comfort. The double-sided tips provide a little more room for the buds to move around in your ears.

The buds themselves have a good fit, with the over-the-ear tips fitting nicely. The in-ear tips are a little tighter, but the difference in fit isn’t too significant. The double-sided tips fit the buds a little better, but not enough to make a difference.

The charging case is easy to connect to a computer and charge the buds. The charging case has a USB port on the bottom so that you can charge the buds through the case. The case also has a built-in LED light that indicates how much power is left in the buds.

The OnePlus Buds Z2 is compatible with most smartphones and most Bluetooth devices. However, the buds don’t work with iPhones.


JBL Tune 230NC TWS Review – Conclusion

To conclude, the JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless Earphones are an incredible value for the money! If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that will provide great sound quality, a long battery life, and a comfortable fit, the JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless Earphones are a fantastic choice. Overall, the JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless Earphones have received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 7 reviews.

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