Dynamic Microphone vs Condenser

dynamic vs condenser microphone

I’ve been in the audio industry for many years, and I’ve seen and used every type of microphone under the sun, and I’ve got some strong opinions on the topic of dynamic microphone vs condenser. Let’s get ready and dive in. Dynamic vs Condenser Mic: The Battle of the Microphone Giants Let’s figure out what … Read more

7 Best Boundary Microphones in 2023

Best Boundary Microphones

Boundary microphones are used to record voices in noisy environments. This kind of microphone has a wider dynamic range compared to dynamic microphones. A boundary microphone is a microphone that is designed to work in environments where the noise is a lot louder than the voice being recorded. These microphones have a wide dynamic range … Read more

What is a Boundary Microphone?

what is a boundary microphone

In this post, we describe what is a boundary microphone, how it works, how to use and when to use it. A boundary microphone is a microphone that records sound by sensing the motion of air in front of its surface. The microphone is usually mounted on a stand or tripod and is placed at … Read more

AKG D5 Review – Vocal Dynamic Microphone

AKG D5 review

An affordable dynamic microphone for singing. If you don’t want to break the bank to get a great vocal microphone, this AKG D5 review is made for you. It’s a budget-friendly vocal mic that has a good frequency response and won’t let you down. If you’re looking for a solid performing, handheld vocal microphone, look … Read more

What Microphones Need Phantom Power?

What Microphones Need Phantom Power

We’re going to talk about the need for phantom power in microphones. The term “phantom power” comes from the fact that the microphone can draw power from an external source (which isn’t usually the case). It’s a feature that’s often used by broadcasters and other professionals who work with microphones. It’s also a feature that’s … Read more

Sennheiser E935 vs E945: Buying Guide

sennheiser e935 vs e945

If you’re looking for a professional microphone for singing or vocal performances, you might want to check out the Sennheiser E935 vs E945. Both are equipped with an omnidirectional polar pattern and are designed to work with both wired and wireless connections. They have a flat frequency response and offer high-quality sound. The E935 is … Read more

10 Best Karaoke Microphones of 2023

Young woman singing a song with a karaoke microphone

Are you planning on throwing a karaoke party and looking into buying a karaoke microphone? Well, most of us think that karaoke microphones are very different from regular microphones and wonder what exactly they are. In actuality, they are just other microphones, but that does not mean you should go and pick just any microphone … Read more