7 Best Portable Turntables in 2022

best portable turntables

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At this time, there are many options available for people who want to buy a portable record player, but choosing the best portable turntable is difficult. With so many options available, choosing the best portable vinyl record player is hard.

There are two types of turntables available. The first type is the manual turntable, which requires you to manually turn the record by hand. This type of turntable is considered to be the traditional form of the turntable. The second type is the automatic turntable, which is the latest and most advanced turntable. It has a built-in motor that turns the record automatically.

A turntable is a very important musical instrument that allows people to listen to music whenever they want. It is the perfect solution for anyone who loves music. 

However, buying the right portable turntable that suits your needs and budget can be very difficult.

The best portable turntable is the one that can give you excellent sound quality, which is why you need to check the reviews of the top portable turntables first. A good turntable should be powerful, durable, easy to use, and has a good warranty.

I have selected the 7 best portable turntables for you to listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere. You can read through the reviews to choose the best portable turntable for yourself.

What is a Portable Turntable?

A turntable is a device used to play vinyl records. It is also called a record player. Many people use it to listen to music and enjoy other content.

What makes a portable turntable stand out is its compact design and lightweight body, which makes it easy to carry around. You can easily set it up wherever you want to listen to your favorite records.

A portable turntable has a built-in amplifier, so it is better than an audio speaker. With a portable turntable with built-in speakers, you can play your favorite songs without using any cables. It is also perfect for listening to music anywhere in the house or outdoors.

Why are Turntables Popular Again?

As turntables come in various shapes and sizes, there are many different reasons why they are becoming popular again. For instance, vinyl records have become a thing of the past due to the availability of digital media.

Also, the popularity of vinyl records has declined because most people do not want to listen to the music they already own. In addition, they do not want to listen to the same songs over and over again.

However, with the popularity of turntables again, it is possible to listen to the music you love, whether it is new or old. If you are looking for a turntable, you need to know what kind of features it has before purchasing it.

Turntables come in different shapes and sizes, which means that they have different functions. They are mainly used to play vinyl records, but you can also use them to play CDs and MP3 files. If you want to buy a turntable, you need to consider the type of music you want to listen to.

Many musicians and DJs are using turntables to DJ at parties and events. Turntables have been around since the 1920s, but now they are gaining popularity again. They are easy to use and perfect for DJs who want to learn how to mix tracks. 

Do You Need a Portable Turntable?

If you do not have a home entertainment center or you have vinyl records, you may need to buy a portable turntable to play your favorite music anywhere you go.

Portable turntables can be used for various purposes. They are perfect for parties, traveling, outdoor concerts, picnics, and any other outdoor events. You can even use them to entertain guests in your living room or bedroom.

How to Choose the Best Portable Record Player – Buying Guide

Whether you’re a vinyl junkie or you just enjoy music in general, you’ll love the features and performance of a portable turntable.

With so many options to choose from, you may be wondering how you can make a decision on which one to buy. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss the different features of portable turntables and help you decide which one will work best for you.

Connectivity options

A turntable’s connectivity options are its most important feature. These options allow you to connect to the turntable and play music wirelessly from a variety of devices. Connectivity options can be wired or wireless.

Wired connections are typically used for higher-end turntables. Wireless connections are usually less expensive but don’t provide the same quality of sound as wired connections.

Cartridges, drive systems, and the stylus

When shopping for a portable turntable, you’ll need to consider the style of cartridge you want to use. A standard cartridge is the most common and comes in a variety of sizes. A belt-driven system uses a belt to transfer power from the motor to the platter.

This type of drive system is commonly used with turntables with lower-wattage motors. The stylus is a small metal device that picks up the grooves in the record. It’s connected to the turntable via a metal arm.

Direct Drive Turntables

A direct drive turntable uses a motor to spin the platter and turn the records. The motor is usually placed in the turntable’s middle and connected to the platter. This type of turntable is great for people who want to play vinyl but aren’t interested in the intricacies of cartridge and tonearm technology.

Belt Drive Turntables

A belt drive turntable is similar to a direct drive turntable but uses a belt instead of a motor. The belt is wrapped around the motor and the platter. The belt is usually made from rubber and has a smooth surface. This type of turntable is perfect for people who want to play vinyl but are new to the hobby.

Cartridge Turntables

A cartridge turntable uses a cartridge to spin the platter and turn the records. The cartridge usually includes a stylus that is attached to a needle that contacts the record’s groove. This contact creates a waveform or pulse that encodes information onto the record.

The cartridge is placed on top of the record and then placed on the turntable. Cartridge turntables were invented in the late 19th century, with the first commercially successful model being released by Thomas Edison’s company in 1894.

Built-in Speakers and Bluetooth

You want to look at the speakers that come with your portable turntable. Look for built-in speakers that have high-quality sound. Some models have Bluetooth speakers so you can stream music from your phone or tablet.

There are a lot of record players that do not have speakers and others come with speakers but not built-in ones. They have their pros and cons as well.

You can connect a portable turntable to a home stereo system via Bluetooth. You can also connect a portable turntable to your smartphone and tablet using a Bluetooth device.

Audio Encoding

A portable turntable can be connected to a home stereo system using analog input. The analog input on a turntable is typically found on the back of the unit.

The analog input on a turntable connects to the input on your home stereo system. The analog input on a turntable will convert the audio signal from a vinyl record to an electrical signal. You can then play the converted audio signal on your home stereo.

Vinyl Speeds

Lastly, you’ll want to look at the speed of the turntable. Most turntables have speeds of 33 1/3 or 45 RPM. If you want to play the record at a higher speed, you’ll need to look for a turntable with a higher speed.

Top 7 Portable Turntables in 2022 – Our Pick Up

Overall Best Portable Turntable

Victrola VSC-550BT-BK

Best Portable Turntable for Scratching

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK

Best Portable Turntable with Speakers

DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player for Vinyl with Speakers

Best Portable Turntable with Bluetooth

Crosley CR6233E-RE

Best Vintage Portable Turntable

BANDC Gramophone Phonograph Turntable 

The Top 5 Portable Record Players

1. Victrola VSC-550BT-BK

Overall Best Portable Turntable

This Victrola record player is one of the best around, especially for those who are new to vinyl.

If you’re looking for a quality portable record player that doesn’t break the bank, then look no further than this one from Victrola. It’s sleek and stylish and has some fantastic features that are hard to find on other models.

It comes with an Input select knob that lets you adjust the volume of the player. This is good because it lets you enjoy your music quietly when you’re in a quiet environment.

The power and volume knobs are very responsive and easy to control. The auto-stop feature is great because it means that you don’t need to constantly keep your finger on the record button.

Another great thing about this player is that it’s got a built-in Bluetooth speaker that lets you stream music from your phone. This is useful for listening to music from your phone when you’re on the go.

The speakers are pretty decent too, so you can play it at home or on the go.

As for the build quality, it’s pretty good too. It feels sturdy and robust and has rubber feet to keep the player stable.

Overall, this Victrola VSC-550BT-BK is one of the best portable record players that you can get in this price range. If you’re looking for a portable, lightweight record player that you can take anywhere, then this is the one for you.


  • Great value for money
  • Three-speed mechanism; 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm
  • Easy to use; connects quickly and seamlessly
  • Has a built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Can be noisy when it is playing
  • Some of the controls are hard to see

2. Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK

Best Portable Turntable for Scratching

If you’re a vinyl enthusiast and want to digitize your collection, then this is the best option for you.

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK is a great little turntable that lets you convert your vinyl records into digital files. It features a DC servo motor with selectable 33/45/78 RPM speeds, ensuring that your records spin smoothly and correctly.

The turntable from Audio-Technica also features a damped base construction that reduces low-frequency feedback and vibration. It can be fully manually operated and offers a range of controls to fine-tune the sound.

The tonearm is fully balanced and S-shaped, giving it a smooth ride. It can easily be adjusted by lifting it up or down, and locking it in place with the included locking mechanism. The lifting mechanism is also very solid and doesn’t move while adjusting the angle.

There’s a detachable RCA output cable and an AC adapter that’s supplied, and there’s also a 45 RPM adapter and a counterweight included.

If you’re looking for a high-quality portable turntable for DJs or scratching with many features, this is the best option for you.


  • Highly portable; you can take it anywhere you want
  • Suitable for music enthusiasts; great for audiophiles
  • Can be used for all types of vinyl records; works with CDs, cassettes, and even compact discs
  • Features an ergonomic design; comfortable for long listening sessions
  • Equipped with a high-performance motor, so it’s very quiet
  • Includes a removable felt mat, counterweight, and dust cover


  • Requires a bit of maintenance
  • Pricey

3. Crosley CR6233E-RE

Best Portable Turntable with Bluetooth

One of the coolest things about the Crosley CR6233E-RE is that it features a wireless Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect it to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and more, so you can easily play your vinyl or stream your music wirelessly.

It has a ton of features, including the ability to play 45 RPM records and a belt-driven turntable.

While other models require you to use an adapter to convert your records to 33 1/3, this model from Crosley has a built-in adapter so that you can enjoy your records at the right speed.

You can adjust the pitch control to match the frequency of your records, so it’s easy to find the right groove.

You can also play two speeds simultaneously, with 33 1/3 being the primary speed.

The Crosley CR6233E-RE is portable and lightweight and is made from high-quality materials.

There’s a built-in auxiliary input so you can plug your phone, tablet, or laptop directly into the unit, and the included USB cable lets you charge it directly from your computer.

The Crosley CR6233E-RE is also available in other colors like red, black, and grey and it is ideal for anyone who wants to play vinyl or stream their music.


  • Compact
  • Adjustable pitch control
  • Auxiliary input; connects to all types of music players
  • Complete with stand; comes with a carrying pouch
  • Plays 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records
  • Power source type: corded electric motor


  • Not very loud

4. Vestax Handy Trax

Best Portable Turntable Without Speakers

The Vestax Handy Trax is a portable turntable for vinyl lovers, and it’s probably the best portable record player for around $100.

It’s available in three different colors, so you can choose the one that matches your style. It’s also pretty compact, and the built-in stereo speakers are surprisingly good. It comes with a USB connection so you can connect it to a computer and use it as a digital music player.

The Vestax Handy Trax can play 33, 45, and 78 RPM records, and it’s fully compatible with RCA and SONY cartridges. The pitch control and tone control dials are easy to use, and the sound quality is decent.

You can also buy a VR1SS stylus for 78 rpm records, but it’s optional.

This portable record player from Vestax is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy their vinyl collection on the go.


  • Great value for the price; built-in battery; and compact design make this the perfect portable player
  • Very easy to use; just plug in and start listening
  • Includes a case, dust cover, and stylus
  • Easy to read display
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Comes with pitch control and tone control
  • It works with all CD/DVD drives
  • Can be used for both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm records
  • No external power source is required
  • Stereo cartridge


  • The stylus is not detachable

5. Numark PT01 USB

The Numark PT01 USB is a versatile portable turntable for your vinyl collection. It’s compact, sturdy, and easy to use.

It has an integrated speaker and comes with a built-in microphone. The headphone jack lets you listen to your music privately, and the USB port lets you connect it to your computer.

You can also use the PT01 USB from Numark with any computer, and it’s compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

If you have a lot of records, then the PT01 USB will fit all of them. It has a belt drive motor, which spins the records at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM speeds.

You can change the speed of the PT01 USB using the included pitch control, which lets you adjust the playback speed to your preference.

The PT01 USB is easy to operate too, as there are two buttons on the top of the turntable, and one button on the bottom.

There are three record speeds and two record modes.

The PT01 USB portable record player comes with a built-in speaker, which sounds great for listening to your records, and the included headphones let you listen to your music privately.

With the PT01 USB, you can also convert your vinyl collection to MP3 or WAV format, and preserve your music forever.

You can also connect the PT01 USB to a powered speaker, and use the RCA line-level outputs to connect it to other speakers.

This record player is compact, sturdy, and easy to use. If you’re looking for a portable turntable for your vinyl collection, then the  Numark PT01 USB is worth checking out.


  • Easy to use
  • Tough and durable
  • Easy to carry around
  • Connects to your computer via USB
  • Comes with a hard cover
  • Includes pitch control (±10%)
  • You can convert your vinyl into digital format
  • Comes with AC adapter or batteries


  • Limited record storage
  • Does not come with a cartridge

6. DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player for Vinyl with Speakers

The Digitnow is a solid vinyl record player that supports wireless Bluetooth. It’s a very good portable solution for playing vinyl records on the go, but it’s not a very good option for someone who wants to use their vinyl records at home.

The Digitnow is a great choice for anyone who wants to listen to their vinyl records, and you can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker. However, it’s not the best option for someone who wants to listen to their vinyl records at home.

The Digitnow has a really simple interface. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth and then select the music that you want to play. It has a 2.1 speaker system, and there’s no separate volume control, so you’ll have to adjust the volume on your phone.

You can also download the app for Android, iOS, and Windows. However, it’s worth noting that the app doesn’t support a lot of the features of Digitnow.

The Digitnow is a very sturdy product. It’s made from a combination of wood and metal, and it feels solid enough to withstand daily use. The stylus is adjustable, and it will move smoothly across the surface of the vinyl record.

The speakers are also very good. They’re located on the back of the turntable, so you don’t have to worry about placing them in a specific position.

Unfortunately, the Digitnow is missing a few of the features that we’ve come to expect from a quality vinyl record player. There’s no way to adjust the speed of the turntable. If you want to play at different speeds, you’ll need to connect your turntable to a dedicated player.

The only other problem is that the record player doesn’t have a ton of storage space. While it does have a microSD card slot, it only has a maximum capacity of 128GB.

So while the Digitnow is a good product, it’s not a great one. It’s not a bad option for someone who wants to use their vinyl records on the go, and it’s a good solution for someone who wants to use Bluetooth for their music. However, it’s not the best choice for someone who wants to use their vinyl records at home.


  • Comes with built-in Bluetooth function, supports wireless connection with a smartphone, tablet, and other Bluetooth devices
  • The sound quality of the turntable is quite good, and you can enjoy your vinyl records in the most natural way
  • Easy to operate and simple to use
  • It is a perfect choice of stylus and ideal for all styles of music playback


  • Slightly small volume control

7. BANDC Gramophone Phonograph Turntable

Best Vintage Portable Turntable

This wooden gramophone phonograph turntable is made from the highest quality wood.

The top of the turntable is covered with soft velvet, which makes it look classy and trendy. The wood is sturdy and durable, so it will easily last for many years.

The built-in speakers produce strong sound with great clarity, and they’re very loud. They’re not as powerful as some of the other models on our list, but they’re still good enough for home use.

When it comes to wireless, the model we tested supported both WiFi and Bluetooth, and it had a range of about 30 feet.

The turntable is equipped with a USB port and an FM radio, which is handy if you want to listen to your favorite music.

The turntable is easy to operate. You simply have to plug in the power, place the record on top, and turn the turntable on.

The turntable comes with a set of 3 different sized records (7”, 10”, and 12”).

If you want to play records at the proper speed, you can adjust the speed via the control on the side of the turntable.

You can play your favorite music at any time with this turntable, so it’s perfect for relaxing and having fun at home, or for hanging out in the club or bar.

You can also get it as a gift for someone special, or use it for Christmas.


  • You can enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere
  • The built-in speaker produces vibrant sound
  • Stereo sound with Bluetooth function
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Convenient to use and easy to operate
  • Compact size, lightweight, and portable


  • The built-in speaker cannot produce high-frequency sound
  • The volume is not loud enough



The best thing you can do for your vinyl record collection is to keep it in pristine condition. A good way to protect your records is with a record sleeve.

Vinyl sleeves can help protect your records from scratching, dust, and moisture. In addition, you should ensure that your turntable is properly set up and has the proper phono cartridge.

Your turntable should be level and in a steady position. You should also be using the correct needle and stylus to play your records. Lastly, you should clean and maintain your turntable. These are just some tips for you to follow.

While many people who make a living off music still prefer vinyl records, there are several reasons why they aren’t as popular as they used to be. One of the biggest reasons for this decline is the rise of digital music.

Not only does digital music sound better, but it’s also easy to download and share. This means that many more people listen to music online than on a record player. If you’re still into vinyl, here are the 7 Best Portable Turntables in 2022 to keep your collection fully intact.

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