11 Best Headphones for Meditation in 2022

meditation with headphones

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There are various types of headphones for meditation such as Bluetooth, wireless, wired, etc. Let’s see what are the best headphones for meditation

There are many benefits of listening to music while meditating. It helps you focus on your breathing, and concentrate on your breathing patterns. Also, listening to relaxing music helps you relax, and even reduces stress. However, the question is what type of headphones are the best for meditation?

Meditation requires a lot of concentration and a lot of effort to reach a state of calm. If you are a beginner or have a busy schedule, it is hard to find time to meditate, especially if you want to do it daily. In this case, meditation headphones are the best option as you can listen to binaural beats while meditating, and enjoy the peace and quiet without disturbing others.

However, the headphones need to be suitable for your needs. A lot of people like using noise-canceling headphones for meditation as they are very helpful in focusing on the sounds, and reducing external noises.

Finding the best meditation headphones can be quite challenging. You may not know what type of headphones will be best for you. If you want to be sure, choose a pair with both active and passive noise cancellation.

A headphone for meditation should have a comfortable design and good sound quality for hearing the mantra without any disturbance. These headphones must be able to block out the surrounding sounds, and must not be too heavy.

In this article, I have reviewed the top 10 best meditation headphones. You can use them to meditate in silence, listen to relaxing music, or concentrate on your breathing.

What features should be considered when choosing meditation headphones?

Should I consider noise canceling when choosing a headphone for meditation?

Yes! Noise-canceling headphones are a great choice for anyone who wants to meditate. Why is this? Because these headphones are designed to block out the external world, allowing you to focus on your thoughts.

When you’re meditating, you want to be able to hear your thoughts, but not other people’s conversations or the sounds of traffic.

Do I need a wired or wireless headset when choosing meditation headphones?

If you’re just starting with meditation, I’d recommend a wired headset. It’s easy to use and won’t cause any problems.

But once you get more advanced in meditation, you might want to consider a wireless headset. It’s more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about tangling wires.

Should I consider sound quality?

A good headphone will produce clear, crisp, and accurate audio. If you’re using a pair of headphones to listen to binaural beats, you don’t want to hear any distortion or noise.

If you’re using headphones for meditation, the audio quality is even more important. Your brain waves are much more sensitive to the audio quality of the headphones than your ears.

If you’re looking for meditation headphones with the best sound quality, you may want to consider over-ear headphones.

Talk about the comfort and convenience

The comfort of the meditation headphones is important. The comfort of the headphones can have a significant impact on how comfortable you feel when meditating. If you’re looking for something that will be comfortable for hours, you’ll want to consider an over-ear headphones.

Our Pick Up Top 10 Headphones for Meditation in 2022

Best Overall Headphone for Meditation

1MORE SonoFlow Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Headband for Meditation

Perytong Bluetooth Sports Headband

Best Earplugs for Meditation

MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs

Best Earbuds for Meditation

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

Best Over Ear Headphone for Meditation

OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

Best Bluetooth Headphone for Meditation

Riwbox XBT-80 Folding Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

Best Noise-Canceling Headphone for Meditation

Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

Best Wireless Headphone for Meditation

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

Best Wired Headphone for Meditation

OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones

Best Runner-Up Headband for Meditation

Ezona Sleep Headphones

1. 1MORE SonoFlow Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Overall Headphone for Meditation

1MORE SonoFlow Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

1MORE’s SonoFlow headphones are the best noise-canceling headphones for meditation. These headphones block outside noises and keep your binaural beats private.

They’re great for use in public, but also use in the office. They have a comfortable fit, and they’re extremely lightweight.

The SonoFlow headphones have a 40mm driver and a soft PET (polyester) film, and they produce a wide frequency response range, reaching up to 40kHz. This means that the headphones will accurately reproduce the bass and treble sounds of your favorite music.

The headphones also have a lossless LDAC (Lossless Digital to Analog Converter) technology, which will allow you to enjoy a high-resolution audio experience.

The headphones have a 4-time GRAMMY® Award winner, Luca Bignardi, to adjust the frequencies to produce an authentic, balanced sound. He also fine-tuned the headphones for use with music genres like classical, jazz, pop, rock, and hip-hop.

And for those who don’t want to worry about the outside world, 1MORE also included an ANC (active noise-canceling) technology. This allows you to keep aware of your surroundings.

If you want to listen to your music without having to worry about outside noise, then the SonoFlow headphones are for you.


  • Hi-Res Audio certified
  • Built-in noise cancellation technology
  • Supports lossless LDAC
  • Up to 70 hours of battery life
  • Comes with a protective case
  • Durable
  • Built-in battery life indicator
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices


  • Only available for US market

2. Perytong Bluetooth Sports Headband

Best Headband for Meditation

Perytong Bluetooth Sports Headband

Perytong Bluetooth Headband is a product that we have had our hands on for a while now and have used for both work and personal use.

The design is pretty simple and works great for its intended purpose. The headphones are very comfortable and lightweight, and the design allows for a good seal between the ears and the headband.

They’re also very easy to charge, and the battery life is around 10 hours.

What I really like about the Sleep Headband is how comfortable they are and how they feel. The silicone ear cups are very soft, and they also come with a cleaning cloth that you can use to wipe the inside of the headphones when they get dirty.

Overall, the Sleep Headband is a great product that will give you a good night’s sleep.


  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • It is suitable for sleeping.
  • It is a great gift for the ones you love.
  • It is perfect for sports and workouts.
  • It is durable.


  • It is noisy.

3. MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs

Best Earplugs for Meditation

MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs

If you want to block out the noise from your neighbors or the TV, the MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs are a great option. They’re super comfortable and you don’t even know you’re wearing them.

They fit extremely well and the earplugs themselves aren’t noisy at all. I was able to use them for hours on end without having to worry about my ears hurting or feeling uncomfortable.

In addition to the comfort, the sound quality is great. I can clearly hear every detail of the music or podcast I’m listening to and I have no problem hearing what others are saying nearby.

I love that there’s a built-in mic so you can easily answer calls without having to remove the earplugs. The packaging is very simple and compact, but there’s also a little zipper pouch included so you can store the earplugs safely.

They’re also easy to wash and can last up to 24 hours in the washing machine. I’ve been using these for the past few weeks and haven’t had any issues with them.

If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable earplugs that sound great, these are the ones to get.


  • It is comfortable.
  • It blocks out the background noise.
  • It has a clear sound.
  • It has an in-line microphone.
  • It has a comfortable fit.


  • It has a little lack of bass.

4. TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

Best Earbuds for Meditation

TOZO T6 True Wireless Headphones

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds are the latest model of the famous TOZO brand, and they’re the best-selling true wireless earbuds on Amazon right now.

This is a very nice set of earbuds. They’re comfortable, the fit is good, and they don’t fall out while running, working, or meditating. The sound quality is great, and you can hear everything clearly, even the bass.

They’re also quite light, weighing just 7 grams. The case is also small and lightweight and has a magnetic closure. The charging case is also small and has a magnetic clasp that holds it closed.

The earbuds have a good battery life too. They’re rated to last for 6 hours on a single charge, and that’s pretty much what I get too.

When you have the charging case, you can get a bit more life from them. With the case, you can get over 30 hours on a single charge total.

While they aren’t super-powerful, the sound quality is excellent, and they’re a pleasure to use


  • The headphones are water resistant
  • They are easy to use
  • They are light and comfortable
  • They come with a handy carrying case


  • The battery life is short
  • They are not durable

5. OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

Best Over Ear Headphone for Meditation

OneOdio A70 Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones

We found the OneOdio A70 Headphones to be very comfortable, and they fit snugly over the ears. They come with a nice set of ear tips, which are made of memory foam.

As for the sound quality, they were able to deliver a full, rich sound. The bass was deep and the highs were crisp, but the mids weren’t overly emphasized.

These headphones are compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows devices, and you can pair them with a third-party Bluetooth dongle too.

The battery life was decent, and you can easily listen to music for a few hours before needing to charge them. They come with a USB charging cable and a carrying pouch.

The only downside to these headphones is the price, but if you like the design and quality, then you should definitely consider buying them.


  • It is very convenient to use.
  • It has a built-in 3.5mm Aux port.
  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch.
  • It is compatible with Android.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • It is durable.


  • The product does not come with an instruction manual.
  • The sound quality is not that great.

6. Riwbox XBT-80 Folding Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

Best Bluetooth Headphone for Meditation

Riwbox XBT-80 Foldable Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

We love how compact the Riwbox XBT-80 Headphones are, and they’re also incredibly comfortable to wear.

The sound quality is great and the headset is highly responsive, allowing us to make phone calls with ease. It’s also very easy to use, and the charging case is also very convenient, so you don’t have to worry about losing the cable.

These wireless headphones feature hands-free calling and button controls. On the other hand, it is not foldable and doesn’t come app with them. But at least they are affordable and have long battery life.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, comfortable, and durable pair of Bluetooth headphones, then check out the Riwbox XBT-80.


  • It has an impressive sound quality
  • It is a comfortable headphone
  • It is a durable product
  • It is easy to store
  • It is easy to carry around


  • The charging case is bulky
  • It is not easy to clean

7. Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Noise-Canceling Headphone for Meditation

Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 is the best headphones that we’ve tested so far. They have great sound, good battery life, and the best noise-canceling technology that we’ve seen in a pair of headphones.

They feature two microphones that pick up ambient noise and filter it out, so you can hear the sounds of your surroundings without having to turn off the noise canceling.

The active noise cancellation technology is pretty effective. When you’re in a noisy environment, you can turn on the noise canceling, and it’ll keep you from hearing anything else.

The headphones have 40mm drivers, which means they can produce better bass than other headphones with 50mm drivers. That’s important for most genres of music, but especially for hip-hop and EDM.

You can customize the noise canceling experience with three modes, which include Transport for airplane flights, Outdoor for traffic and wind, and Indoor for offices with people talking in the background.

The 40-hour battery life means that you can listen to music for a long time without needing to plug them in.

Life Q30s are also comfortable, thanks to the soft leather ear cups. They’re also lightweight and compact, so you can carry them around easily.

We found that the app controls were pretty easy to use, and it was easy to switch between music and noise-canceling mode.

There are some cons though. Some users complained about the microphone picking up their own voice, and a few people had trouble getting the noise canceling to work.

Overall, the Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 is the best headphones that we’ve tested so far.


  • It has excellent noise cancellation.
  • It has good sound quality.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is a versatile headphone.


  • It is heavy.
  • It is not suitable for a child.

8. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Wireless Headphone for Meditation

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you want a premium pair of headphones, but you’re on the go a lot, then the Life Q20 is the one for you.

The Life Q20 headphones are very comfortable to wear for long periods, and they’re designed to stay firmly on your ears. They’re also easy to use, and they have a simple, intuitive user interface.

The Life Q20 active noise-canceling headphones come with a detachable cable, and they’re designed to be used wirelessly. The headphones have a strong battery life of 40 hours when used in wireless mode.

In terms of sound quality, these are the best of their kind. They feature custom-sized 40 mm dynamic drivers, which are the same size as a pair of over-ear headphones. These drivers produce incredible high-frequency sounds and can extend the highs of the audio, making the sound clearer and more detailed.

The bass of the Life Q20 headphones is quite powerful, and it’s designed to produce the lowest frequency sounds. With this, the bass can be boosted for a more impactful sound.

The Life Q20 headphones are equipped with a Noise Reduction Mode that will automatically adjust the level of the bass depending on the surrounding environment. This feature will help the Life Q20 headphones cancel out ambient noises, so you can enjoy the music without any distractions.

The Life Q20 headphones are very durable, and they’re made to withstand the rigors of daily use. They have a memory foam ear cup that is designed to keep the headphones firmly in place.

Overall, the Life Q20 headphones are great for anyone looking for a premium pair of headphones that will keep them comfortable, even when on the go.


  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • It has a wide range of features.
  • It has an in-built battery that lasts for 40 hours in active noise-canceling mode.
  • The bass is stronger than other headphones.
  • It is noise canceling, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught by the TSA or security guards.


  • It is not waterproof.

9. OneOdio Wired Over Ear Headphones

Best Wired Headphone for Meditation

OneOdio Over Ear Headphone Studio Wired

With the OneOdio Studio monitor headphones, you can enjoy clear and comfortable sound that’s great for listening to music and watching movies.

They’re made from premium materials that last a very long time. Each headphone has 50mm speaker units that combine neodymium magnets with strong bass response. The ear cushions are made from soft material that provides great comfort and noise isolation.

These headphones have a headband that’s designed to provide maximum comfort and stability. The flexible headband adjusts to fit you perfectly, and the headphone cable is fully detachable, so you can use them with any device.

You can plug the OneOdio Studio monitor headphones into your TV or stereo using a 3.5mm or 6.35mm plug. There’s a standard-sized 6.35mm plug and a 3.5mm plug included, so you can use either type of plug.

The headphones can be used to listen to music, watch movies, and meditate, and they have 90° swiveling ear cups for single-ear monitoring. They have a single-side design, so you can monitor the left or right channel without having to turn the headphones around.

The headphones are very durable, and the build quality is excellent. They’re great for mixing and mastering, and they’ll work with any device that has a 3.5mm or 6.35mm audio jack.


  • It comes with a 3.5mm adapter
  • It has a strong bass sound
  • It is easy to connect to all devices
  • It is easy to adjust
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • It is easy to fold and store


  • It is hard to remove the 3.5mm adapter
  • The headband is not very soft

10. Ezona Sleep Headphones

Best Runner-Up Headband for Meditation

Ezona Sleep Headphones

As the name suggests, these headphones are great for sleeping. They’re made of memory foam, so they’ll be comfortable while you’re laying down. They also come with a nice carrying pouch, which is great for keeping them safe while traveling.

The headphones are lightweight, and there’s no clamping force on your ears. They are also designed to be comfortable for side sleeping. It doesn’t hurt that they’re stylish, too.

The sound quality is good, though it’s not as loud as my old wireless headphones, which is kind of a shame. I like that the volume is adjustable, but the lowest level is pretty quiet.

They don’t come with any other accessories, like an anti-slip strap or a carrying pouch. It’s a minor complaint, though, because this is a great pair of headphones for the price.


  • It is extremely comfortable
  • It is convenient to use
  • It has a long battery life
  • It is highly durable


  • During the charging, the Bluetooth disconnect automatically

11. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM3

Sony has become known for its excellent sound quality, and the WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Cancelling Overhead Headphones are no exception.

They’re super comfortable and provide great active and passive noise cancellation, which is ideal for active people who want to work out or jog. I use them when I’m running or training at the gym.

They come with a 30-hour battery life, and the touch sensor controls let you pause, skip, and adjust the volume. This is especially useful when you’re wearing them and want to turn down the volume when you’re talking to someone.

It also has a built-in mic, and the touch sensor controls let you answer calls, pause the music, and change tracks. This means that you can easily switch between calls and music.

The adaptive sound control automatically adjusts the volume based on how loud the environment is, and it automatically adjusts the bass to the right level to suit the sound of your music. This means that you’ll never miss a beat.

The noise canceling is good, and it’s also pretty powerful. I like to wear them to run or exercise, and they block out almost all of the background noise.

They’re very light and easy to travel with too, and they’re comfortable for extended periods.

If you’re looking for a premium pair of wireless headphones that will last, the WH-1000XM4 is a great choice.


  • It has dual noise sensors to cancel out ambient noise.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has long battery life.
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android.
  • It has a convenient touch sensor control.
  • It is easy to connect to multiple devices.


  • None



Meditation is all about being present in the moment. When you’re meditating, your mind and body are still. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the world around you and tune into yourself.

The benefits of meditation are vast, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on headphones to do it. A few cheap ones will do.

In my experience, the best meditation headphones are the noise-canceling variety. They’re comfortable and they block out external noises. They also have excellent sound quality.

And lastly, they’re durable. This is important because your headphones will get a lot of use over time. If you want to invest in a pair of meditation headphones, I recommend going for a pair with adjustable ear cups.

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